Writers' Tears Whiskey Box Packaging Design

The Request

Writers Tears is a pot still blend whiskey that is relatively new to the market. Walsh Whiskey Distilleries wanted to present a limited gift set, containing a bottle and two nosing glasses, in a special way.

The Result

As the whiskey blend is called Writers Tears, AKGraphics chose to pursue the theme of writers by designing a special custom presentation box in the shape of a well-worn old book. Graphics were created to imitate a leather bound book with a cloth spine. These graphics were given an aged and worn look to reflect the traditional aging of whiskey. The ‘pages’ of the box open to reveal the bottle and glasses nestled within. Like a book, the title was embossed and foil blocked to give the box a sense of exclusivity and expense. Only a limited number of these special boxes were printed as this was a once-in-a-lifetime promotion.

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