Website Design for Whole Body Synthesis

The Request

AKGraphics was asked to create a logo, business card, brochure and a website for Whole Body Synthesis. These would demonstrate the Amatsu treatments and their benefits in full. Amatsu treatments relieve pain in the foot, back, neck or shoulder.

The Result

The logo for Whole Body Synthesis reflects the natural nature of the treatments provided. It works successfully on both web and printed materials.

The website we designed is mobile responsive so that it works effectively on mobile devices and tablets. Mobile responsive websites are more important than ever as Google have introduced a policy whereby the search rankings of mobile-friendly pages will be boosted in mobile search results worldwide, while pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results. If you already have a website you can test it here to check if it needs updating.

The design of the Whole Body Synthesis informational flyer and stationery matched the website, which gives a cohesive feel to all of the promotional material.

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