Design of Wall Graphics for Ben Dunne Gym

The Request

The design brief received by AKGraphics was to add colour and life to Ben Dunne Gyms, but the client also requested that the same design concept could be adapted for all Ben Dunne Gyms (large & small). Reducing the volume of interior and exterior signage was also required.

The Result

Working alongside the chosen architect, the floor and wall plans were supplied to AKGraphics. We then began to design the different wall interior graphic concepts for the suggested allocated areas.

Taking into consideration the new paint colours, the new interior graphics with vivid splashes of colour, swirls of curved lines and branded graphics we created a much fresher feel within the gyms.

The new internal and exterior signage clearly indicates areas within the gym as AKGraphics reduced the amount of signage.

The overall final result for Ben Dunne Gyms was welcomed by the gym members. Once we completed one or two gyms it was easy for Ben Dunne Gyms to adapt the same design theme/concept and roll out the new interior feel to other gyms within the group.

Interior wall graphics are an integral part of any business and Ben Dunne Gyms personalised their brand with printed interior graphics. These creative interior graphics for Ben Dunne Gyms could also be adapted for other elements within their fitness business, such as:

– billboards
– internal posters
– kiosks
– internal & external signage
– graphics for TV screens within the gyms
– online web banners
– portable banners
– flyers
– stationery etc.

In addition, design and layout of a new logo for iprotein, which is a leading supplement brand partnering with Ben Dunne Gyms, was created. The logo can be seen on their website

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