UCD - Report of the President

AKGraphics have designed the UCD Annual Report of the President consecutively since 2010, therefore we have lots of experience in relation to design and production of Annual Reports and working to tight deadlines. This UCD Annual Report for 2015-2016 consists of eighty-six pages in total. We completed a version in English first, then upon completion we prepare an Irish version of this report.



The current design template is in use since 2014, but each year we tweak the design slightly to highlight new infographics, new stats, more visuals and colour, cover design etc. Info-graphics are an excellent design tool to outline statistics in a visual way in relation to; UCD Student Statistics in Ireland and Overseas, Male/Female, Undergraduate and Graduate etc. Using clever and interesting design for bar charts, icons and graphs makes this report easy on the eye, it also makes important statistics stand out more. This detailed report outlines the six different colleges within UCD, plus chapters on Education, Research, Innovation & Impact, Finance & Capital Development, Global Development, Human Resources, UCD Awards, Health Affairs etc. 

The key here in the design process for this detailed comprehensive report is the close working relationship between the UCD team and AKGraphics team. Frequent communication is essential as turnaround times must be met in relation to all elements associated with an annual report. The process consists of establishing a very strong professional design template first, then layout of all approved text content, positioning of approved photography content, info-graphic design, presentations, proofing, second proofing, third proofing and preparing for print. This structured process ensures the project is completed with efficiency.
In addition to a final pdf file that is prepared for print, a pdf file is also supplied to UCD for uploading on the UCD website. The online version of the report is created in accordance with accessibility guidelines. By following these guidelines the annual report pdf meets all common accessibility standards, this ensure all web users can access the pdf.
Various infographics that were designed for the report are also supplied to the UCD team in jpeg format for use in various UCD powerpoint presentations also.

If you are thinking of completing an Annual Report or a Business Report for your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact anne@akgraphics.ie. Obviously AKGraphics are here to assist you and make your life easier, as we have lots of experience in relation to Report Design whether for online or print format we would be delighted to assist you.
I have worked with Anne for nearly 15 years while working for a range of organisations. She has always produced work on time, to specification, and on budget and her creative flair has delivered the results required. In my experience Anne goes the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction.
Mark Simpson, Internal Communications Manager at UCD, Dublin
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