Trade Show Display Design for WISPR

The Request

WISPR by Iolite needed a display stand that reflected the product’s modern, trendy image. The trade show stand design had to ensure versatility and transportability as it was to be used at several events and trade shows.

The Result

AKGraphics graphic design agency used an image of a modern suburban underground station and mocked up a large billboard of a beautiful young girl using the WISPR. As there was little text used, the image and design doesn’t date. Because the graphic is made up of five separate pieces, which attach by magnets to the pop-up frame, these graphics can be changed with ease thus making this a very economical solution for display graphics. The stand in front of the display serves as a display table but doubles as the casing for the pop-up display. The graphics wrap around the case and can be replaced by other wraps as the need arises.

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