Tourism Sector Promotional Flyer Design for Walsh Whiskey Distillery Tours

Tourism in Ireland is a very competitive and dynamic business. We are here to help increase awareness of a variety of attractions among international visitors and the domestic market. Marketing and promotion are extremely important when it comes to generating interest around your particular tourist attraction. We have experience creating stunning designs for a number of clients in the Travel and Tourism industry and so Walsh Whiskey Distillery approached us to design a promotional leaflet to promote their Distillery tours. 

It is important to highlight the unique aspects of the tourist attraction that you wish to promote. Keeping this in mind we used a selection of photographs of the lush green surrounds of the distillery within the design of the folded DL leaflet. Without reading one word on the flyer these photographs depict the historic Royal Oak estate, including Holloden House (1755) and the beautiful scenery that makes Royal Oak, Co. Carlow, the perfect place to craft exceptional whiskeys.

Thinking about the positioning of tourism leaflets in display holders we positioned the key information in the top section of the front of the flyer. The Walsh Whiskey Distillery brand colours were used throughout the flyer design to ensure a strong link back to all other promotional information, including print adverts in a variety of magazines. 

As the distillery is located on an 18th century estate we felt that the paper stock should reflect this old world countryside atmosphere. An uncoated stock was selected and a heavier paper than would ordinarily be used, to give a more luxurious feel. Visitors can experience the ancient craft of distilling in a range of fully guided, multi-sensory tours.

The three different tour options are presented clearly on the inside of the flyer. Readers can see at a glance the cost of each tour and the different whiskeys they will taste. Custom icons were created to depict the specific whiskey glasses used by Walsh Whiskey during the tasting, these icons show how many different whiskeys a visitor will sample during each tour option. Along with information on the tours it is essential that potential visitors are clear on the location of the distillery. The back page gives a visual guide on the location of the distillery on a map of Ireland and also highlights that the distillery is part of Ireland’s Ancient East region. Three more custom icons were created for the transport options, bus, train and car. Although small, these icons add an extra handcrafted feel to the flyer. 

A large print run of 50,000 flyers was produced and these have been distributed to tourist offices and hotels around Ireland. We would highly recommend a visit to the distillery – you are sure to enjoy one of the educational and entertaining, fully guided tours. You will get a behind the scenes look at how Irish whiskey is really made and meet the team who put dedication and passion into every bottle and after the tour enjoy a tasting of some of the finest Irish whiskeys.

If you would like to promote your own tourist attraction or place of interest we are here to help. A well designed DL folded flyer is essential so that you can distribute them to tourism information centres so that your “hidden gem” is found by the visitors that you want to attract. Email or call us on 059-9133633 and we can discuss how we can help you.
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