Tourism Infographic

The tourism sector is growing and design is a very important aspect to attracting tourists. We decided to write a blog to show what promotional design material you need to promote your tourist attraction. In researching the statistics that show just how well this industry is doing we were met with a phenomenal amount of facts and figures. It took us a while to get our heads around them. Rather than just reiterate the complicated language and system used in the reports we decided that an infographic was the appropriate way of displaying the statistics. Information design is a creative way to highlight important information to your audience. It makes it visually appealing and engages the viewer. The main display for this infographic would be web so a long and narrow format was required for scrolling and it would be adaptable to mobile platforms.

tourism04 tourism03 tourism02 tourism01

The chosen information for the design was selected to support the text of the blog. Infographics can come in various different styles but we chose a minimal aesthetic for a distinctive look. The design displays the information in a professional and cohesive manner. The layout is designed in a way in which the viewer can see all the information without being overloaded but still understand the scale of the importance of this information. A very small colour palette was chosen to create a tonal look in keeping with the minimal aesthetic and to highlight the green colour that is associated with Ireland.

Infographics can also become adaptable through other platforms such as PowerPoint presentations. It becomes a great tool to have in business presentations like tender presentations, specific business presentations or presenting to a new customer. Another possibility for information design is to be utilised with digital marketing to highlight certain statistics and the design can be integrated in other web formats such as web banners.


Here is what the information looked like before

 tourism07 tourism010 tourism09 tourism08

The finished piece


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