Design of The Speech Bureau Corporate Identity & Bookmark








The Request

The Speech Bureau specialises in developing confidence and personality skills in children and adults alike. They requested both a corporate identity and promotional material to distribute to their potential clients. These had to appeal to adults and children, but the budget restricted the type of promotional material that could be chosen.

The Result

The corporate identity was a text based logo, the ‘p’ of speech becomes a quotation mark and the two ‘e’s echo the shape of mouths in full speech. The words ‘the’ and ‘bureau’ are a lighter blue to give extra weight to the word ‘Speech’.

It was decided that a bookmark would be the ideal promotional item. The bookmark is actually two bookmarks that can be separated along the perforated line down the centre. One side is the ‘adult’ half with the important details of what the Speech Bureau is about while the other half is the ‘child’ side. The smiling face’s mouth is die-cut to hold the bookmark in place, a fun aspect to ensure that the child will want to keep it.

The Speech Bureau Corporate Identity & Bookmark

The Speech Bureau Corporate Identity & Bookmark

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