Medical Table Talker

Infographic design for a Table Talker for Aut Even Hospital

Sometimes an informational flyer will not have the impact required, in these cases a table talker is a great alternative promotional tool.

Aut Even Hospital, Kilkenny, required a printed item that would explain to patients why they are repeatedly asked to confirm their identity. The process of confirming a patient’s details is necessary in the hospital and the design for the table talker had to convey this in a clear way.

By designing custom infographics the finished design for the table talker was clear and engaging. The use of bold colours also helped to ensure the design was eye-catching and appealing.

More common uses for table talkers are for special offers, events, food and drink menus in bars, restaurants and cafes, but due to the ability for table talkers to instantly deliver your promotional message, the possibilities are endless.




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