Swingtag Design for Nicholas Mosse Pottery

The Request

Nicholas Mosse Pottery, Co. Kilkenny, designed a beautiful new pottery steamer and they requested AKGraphics to design a swing tag for this new piece. The design brief was for a swing tag that would complement the hand crafted pottery steamer and show in simple illustrated steps how to use the product. It should also be easy to view and read when attached to the steamer in retail shops.

Swingtag design

The Result

Firstly, AKGraphics graphic design studio assessed the shape of the swing tag which would be attached to the steamer’s lid. We carefully prepared all the illustrations in house, which demonstrated how to use the steamer in a simple step by step guide. We also looked at how the finished guide and text would be viewed by customers on retail shop shelves.

The final bespoke swing tag complemented a beautiful Irish hand crafted piece of pottery.

Bespoke illustration on swing tag design


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