Resource Booklet Design for Pedigree Show

GAIN Animal Nutrition requested AKGraphics to design a new 32 page Resource Booklet for Pedigree and Show Cattle. This brochure will be used as a reference guide for all necessary information and details regarding Pedigree and Show Cattle.

Before we started to design this brochure we needed to think about what size would best suit. The booklet will be heavily used so we needed a size that would be easy to hold and handle. We felt A4 would not suit as it would be too big and A5 would not be big enough to incorporate all the informative text. We decided we needed a custom side, somewhere between an A5 and an A4. We settled on the size 180mm x 260mm.

GAIN Animal Nutrition Brochure Design

Due to the Pedigree and Show Cattle Resource Booklet’s informative nature a lot of text needed to be incorporated. However, the intention is to keep the reader’s attention so a lot of visual imagery was integrated into the design to break up the text and give the reader a break.

This new GAIN Animal Nutrition Pedigree and Show Cattle Resource Booklet included the new GAIN Animal Nutrition Champions choice bags which we previously designed (see here). This meant that we need to Photoshop these bags into 3D mockups. These 3D mockups will be used in this brochure but also in many different GAIN Animal Nutrition platforms and mediums.

The front cover of the booklet was designed to stay consistent with the GAIN Animal Nutrition Pedigree Show Flyer we previously designed (see here). The finished brochure resulted in a very informative, visual and easy to follow booklet which has helped the target market with the understanding of Pedigree and Show Cattle.

if you have a large amount of informative text we can design a booklet that is visually interesting to ensure your content is read. Contact Anne on 059 9133633 or email

 12436-gain-pedigree-show-cattle-resource-booklet_spread05 GAIN Animal Nutrition Brochure Design 12436-gain-pedigree-show-cattle-resource-booklet_spread03

 12436-gain-pedigree-show-cattle-resource-booklet_closeup04 12436-gain-pedigree-show-cattle-resource-booklet_closeup02

 12436-gain-pedigree-show-cattle-resource-booklet_spread02 GAIN Animal Nutrition Brochure Design

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