Property Sales Material

Design of property marketing material is an area of expertise for AKGraphics. We ensure, in our designs, that we create a bespoke style that will reflect the unique aspects of a development. For Park Gate the design style echoes the emphasis on space and light that the development uses to create a feeling of tranquility. Each home is allocated generous private sites in this attractively landscaped and well-laid out development. 5 unique homes styles were offered with a generous allowance package to allow clients to personalise their new home.

property folder design by AKGraphics

property folder design floorplan

The use of a folder with each home type given its own individual insert allows the selling agent to supply a bespoke package to a potential buyer. The home types of most interest can be supplied in the folder rather than the home buyer having to view a full brochure which would contain some home types that are of little interest to them.

property folder design floorplan

The individual information sheets have a consistent design with one side being the same for each. Using clear, strong branding on the front of each sheet creates a strong and memorable impression. The reverse of each information sheet design features clear floor-plans and professional photography of the home exteriors. The photography of the home interiors showcase unique interior design styles which gives a high-end look to the marketing material.

property folder design

property folder custom design

The custom designed folder features a shaped pocket to hold each of the individual information sheets. The folder design highlights the amenities offered by the location of the development. Use of impactful visuals ensure the design is enticing and eye-catching.


To complement the information sheets and folder there is the option of using the design style, already established, to create exterior signage, newspaper and online adverts.

property road signage design

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