Promotional Flyer Design for Pedigree Show

GAIN Animal Nutrition requested us to design an A5 pedigree show promotional flyer for an upcoming Pedigree Showing & Grooming event being held in Tullamore, Co. Offaly.

GAIN Animal Nutrition wanted to keep the GAIN brand lowkey on the flyer, yet still recognisable as a GAIN Animal Nutrition.

All five different breeds of pedigree bulls were required to be present on the on the flyer design. We decided to take inspiration for this design from the GAIN Champions Choice packaging (which we also designed, see here.) by placing the images of each breed in a circle. A curved line was then used to connect each of the five circles together, whilst adding some movement to the design.

If you require a handout to promote an event, please email Anne at or call us on 0599133633


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