Promotion of UCD healthy walk initiative

Healthy UCD is promoting heart health by launching a new Healthy UCD walk around the campus and they required printed maps to promote this initiative to staff, students and visitors. The campaign’s aim is to encourage the staff and students to walk more around the grounds of UCD
This is a brilliant initiative but without the correct promotional and informational material awareness would be low. UCD approached AKGraphics to design 12 maps that would be mounted onto sign posts around the campus. This walk utilises the woodland paths and has marks every 0.5km so people can easily keep track of the distance they cover during a walk. The idea is to spur people to get more steps into their day. The focus of this initiative in the short to medium term seeks to enhance UCD as a health promoting setting and raise an awareness of individuals’ capacity to improve their own health status. A different point is highlighted on each map as a “you are here” pink arrow. The bright pink colour clearly marks your location and the trail on the map hopefully encourages users to continue onto the next point. The hashtag #HealthyUCD also features prominently in the design to encourage walkers to engage with the campaign through social media. The map was also supplied to UCD in digital format so that it is available online for anyone interested in looking up the new suggested routes.



As with other jobs AK Graphics have produced for UCD, this project was approached in a professional and creative manner. Feedback has been very positive on the initiative and this is due in part to our ability to market the walks in a creative and recognisable form thanks to the input from Anne and her team
Mark Simpson, UCD

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