Product Catalogue Design

Springhill, the makers of contemporary, classical & painted kitchens, are an Irish company based in Carlow. Springhill have been providing innovative fitted kitchen furniture solutions for over thirty years and have dedicated themselves to the constant pursuit of excellence.

Springhill approached us here at AKGraphics to design their new ‘Assembled Kitchen Product Range Catalogue’. Because this product brochure was the first Springhill have released in the last few years it meant the objective was to create an impactful and positive catalogue with a large emphasis on user experience. Like with any product manuals it must be easy to use and access. To achieve a positive user experience when using the manual to place orders we used a combination of, colour coordination, spacing, various weighted typefaces and framing devices throughout the design.

We decided A4 would be the best size for the catalogue design, we also decided on a landscape layout to smoothly incorporate the wide nature of the tables used throughout the pricing section of the manual.

Where possible large, vibrant and effective imagery was integrated into the layout of the design. The reason for doing this was we wanted the brochure to be as visually stimulating as possible but to also give the user a break from the detailed graphs and numerous digits.

The catalogue is designed to be printed and distributed to the Springhill customers however we also created an interactive digital version with animated turning page to allow for email distribution.

The finished product brochure design was extremely well received. The main aim of product catalogue design should be sales increases for that company. Springhill Kitchens experienced a large increase in orders immediately after the launch of their new catalogue design. This is testimony to the efficiency of our design.

Following on from this project, Springhill asked us to design the new Springhill Colour Palette. The Springhill Colour Palette includes 29 colour swatches. The 29 colours are split up into 6 different categories; Harbour Breeze, Emerald Valley, Autumn Treasures, Desert Oasis, Rock Pool and Stone Mason. See more information and images of this design project here.

11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_19 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_18 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_17 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_16 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_14 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_13 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_12 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_11 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_10 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_9 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_8 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_7 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_6 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_4 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_3 11378-springhill-mockups_mockup_2  Product catalogue

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