Product Brochure Design

GAIN Animal Nutrition requested us to design their new GAIN Greyhound Nutrition Brochure. 
The brochure was requested to be an A4 eight page booklet, displaying all the GAIN Greyhound Nutrition products (6 in total). We suggested that the brochure should be very visual with the use of large visual imagery where possible. Due to the large amount of text for each Greyhound product the use of imagery would be very important to keep the target markets interest and attention.
When putting the brochure together we realised we needed to mock up each of the GAIN Greyhound Nutrition’s product packaging. This was done by editing in Photoshop. This allowed us to carry on and compliment the clean cut style of the brochures layout.
Once the bags were mocked up in Photoshop, they were then cut out from the background (leaving a transparent background). A shadow was then applied at the bottom of the bags to enhance the 3D effect. The Greyhound bags were then saved facing in both directions (left and right) so that they can be used in various GAIN Greyhound Nutrition layouts and mediums in the future. The completed brochure for GAIN Greyhound Nutrition outlines the most advanced premium feed for high performance Greyhounds, therefore a successful selling tool for Gain Animal Nutrition.

12317-gain-greyhound-brochure_spread02 12317-gain-greyhound-brochure_spread03 12317-gain-greyhound-brochure_spread04 12317-gain-greyhound-brochure_spread05
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