Pop-up shop design for Dublin Airport

 AKGraphics helped us to design and create our Pop Up Shop space for Terminal 2, Dublin Airport this summer. We wanted to create a space that brought our distillery at Royal Oak to life and also showcased our whiskey brands: The Irishman and Writers’ Tears. It needed to be contemporary, luxurious and catch the eye of passing travellers. From conception, AK Graphics worked with us on turning this vision into a reality. Their attention to detail is excellent and helped to ensure that every aspect of the design was carefully considered and implemented. They worked closely with our installation and print suppliers to ensure that all brand guidelines and colour references were adhered to. They were professional and always very easy to deal with and ensured that all deadlines were met. We are delighted with the finished design of the Pop Up shop and how accurately it reflects the ethos of Walsh Whiskey Distillery.
Clare Minnock, Marketing Executive, Walsh Whiskey Distillery, Carlow 

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We were asked to design a pop-up shop in Dublin Airport for Walsh Whiskey Distillery that would emulate a visit to the real distillery located in the 18th century Royal Oak estate, Carlow. The challenge was to achieve this within the busy, modern retail space of Terminal 2. The design of the popup shop needed to promote the Walsh Whiskey Distillery brand and also highlight the two whiskey ranges sold by the distillery, which are, The Irishman and Writer’s Tears. Multiple variations of the whiskeys are available in a range of packaging sizes and these needed to be displayed. It was essential to design a space that would encourage passers-by to enter the retail space and to actively engage with the products with tastings and a virtual reality tour of the actual distillery. The feel of the temporary shop should be luxurious, inviting and make consumers feel relaxed and encourage them to browse the products on sale. See photos of the completed pop-up shop below.

In contrast to the modern glossy shops in the Loop, shopping area of Dublin Airport, we took a creative approach to the overall feel and materials used. Starting with the design of the wall, located behind the payment point, we designed this to look like a traditional Irish bar. This was constructed using timber which was painted and the logos were stenciled. These craft based processes work together to give a beautiful handcrafted finish. The shelf spaces on this bar were divided to allow for maximum visual impact of the Walsh Whiskey branding and to also display the actual products themselves. Full floor vinyl was designed in a wooden floor effect to define the space and create visual definition of the area in contrast to the sleek airport floor. The freestanding display units were designed to be multifunctional with secure storage in the bases with wheels to allow for transport and encourage reuse at future events. One of the units features a top and shelving suitable for tastings, the open bottles displayed on this encourage visitors to engage with the staff. Copper piping was used as a surround to keep products in place and also to display pricing. The copper used reflects the copper stills used in the distillation process in the distillery. A third display unit was designed to be constructed around a fixed supporting pole which maximised the use of that area that would otherwise be less functional in terms of visual merchandising. Although this display is fixed it is designed to be used again in the distillery. The leather chair and vintage coffee table reflect the style of the distillery and this space is ideal for the virtual reality experience. The shop is designed to be visually appealing from all approach directions with messaging on the virtual reality tour facing the seating area where people will be waiting for their flights. The overall look and layout is welcoming and is a unique way of encouraging people to experience the Walsh Whiskey Distillery and their whiskeys. Construction was completed by Bamboo and WC O’Brien.

The pop-up shop will be in Terminal 2 in Dublin airport for July and August 2017. Average footfall is 100,000 people per day so the brand exposure is huge. Due to the unique nature of the virtual reality tour they have also received a large amount of press coverage. Walsh Whiskey Distillery partnered with specialist virtual reality producers, The VR Agency, and ARI who operate The Loop at Dublin Airport to develop the tour exclusively for passengers at Dublin Airport’s Terminal 2. With press photographs covering the launch it was so important that the pop-up shop looked very impressive in the background. It is expected that this temporary shop will create a lasting impression in the minds of those who experience it and will create much more brand awareness around Walsh Whiskey Distillery. A pop-up shop is a short-term, temporary retail event that is “here today, gone tomorrow”. Pop-up retail is the temporary use of physical space to create a long term, lasting impression with potential customers.

Along with creating an appealing pop-up shop we also work with the location in terms of complying with regulations and requirements. We also ensure that as many of the elements of the temporary shop can be reused which makes the project very cost effective by creating a long term use for each component. If you have a stand at a trade show or want to create a buzz around your brand at an event please contact us and we will work with you to design a truly customised pop-up shop.

If you are traveling through Dublin Airport during July or August make sure you call into the Walsh Whiskey pop-up shop for a complementary tasting and to experience the virtual reality tour. you might also treat yourself to a bottle of one of the many different products on offer from The Irishman range: Founder’s Reserve, Single Malt, Aged 12 Years, Aged 17 Years, Cask Strength or something from the Writers’ Tears range; Copper Pot, Copper Pot Mini Book gift set, Cask Strength Gift Box, and Red Head. You won’t be disappointed!

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