Online Adverts for Gain Feeds

Online advertising is created on a daily basis for many of our clients at AKGraphics.

We regularly create and design effective MPUs, leaderboards, skyscrapers, mobile, banner ads for Gain Feeds, for their various different product ranges. Gain Feeds (Glanbia) is Ireland’s biggest selling animal feed brand providing complete nutrition for horse & pony feeds, pet food, greyhound feeds and ruminant feeds.

The key to designing online advertising is understanding both the target market and the product, and highlighting the core selling points. Online marketing has never been more important than it is now and one distinct advantage of online advertising is its measurability, in relation to clicks, click through rate and conversion rate.

AKGraphics would be delighted to assist you with your online digital marketing requirements. Please call us on 059-9133633 or email us for more information.

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