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ICL, who are based in Carlow, have dealt primarily within the Telecommunications sector, specialising in fibre optics, network surveys and wayleaving, for the past twenty years. ICL came to us here at AKGraphics requesting that we design a new logo for the company as well as new stationery designs.

Previously known as Integrated Communications Limited, they wanted to shorten their name to simply ICL. They wanted a modern logo design with a large emphasis on the letters ICL, they also wanted some kind of a 3D effect to be incorporated into the new logo design.

Logo and stationery design, carlow

When starting the design for the new logo we needed to establish what kind of style the logo would be. ICL mainly deal with connections, whether it be telecommunications or broadband, so we decided to incorporate the idea of having a ‘connection’ in the logo design somehow. We decided the best way to represent this would be to have join between each letter. To achieve the 3D effect that ICL asked for, we applied a slight shadow on each of the two joinings as well as on the cap of the letter ‘C’. ICL wanted to continue with their previous branding colour scheme, blue and red. Tints of blue were applied to the joinings to help with the 3D effect of the new logo design.

Logo design for business card, Carlow, Ireland

A square dot was placed above the letter ‘i’ and was coloured in the ICL red to create a contrast with the blue. This consequently helped with the legibility of the logo design whilst also enhancing the technological and modern style of the logo and brand.

Logo design for business card, Carlow, Ireland

Logo design for compliment slip, Carlow, Ireland

Once the logo design was finalised and approved, we began to design the stationery items; business cards, letterhead and compliment slip. The stationery was designed to be modern which allows the ICL logo to be the main focal point whilst also letting the vibrant blocks of the ICL red and blue catch the attention.

Logo design for compliment slip, Carlow, Ireland

Logo design for bus card, Carlow, Ireland

ICL then wanted to apply their new brand style to their existing ICL vans. When designing the new van graphics we wanted to allow the vibrant ICL blue and red to stand out whilst not taking away from the logo itself. The idea was that the van would be instantly recognisable from the road and would catch the attention of the passer by, no matter if it’s a dull or sunny day. This was achieved by wrapping the bottom third of the van in the vibrant colours and adding slanted angles to give the vehicle graphics an edge. Once ICL approved the van graphic template design we then applied the same style to the rest of the ICL van blueprints.

Vehicle graphics with company logo









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