Logo Design for O'Flaherty & Brown Solicitors

Logo design for OFB Flashing colour gif

Sketching ideas for OFB Colour consideration Moving gif

Font style for OFB letterhead and business card mock up

O’Flaherty & Brown Solicitors approached AKGraphics initially to redesign business cards using their current logo at the time. However we felt the company would benefit from a total rebrand including the logo.

O’Flaherty & Brown wanted their new logo to be practical and not too bespoke. They wanted their look to be approachable for clients. Given the length of both surnames they felt using initials was the smarter route for the logo. They previously saw our logo design for BPB Accountants and felt a similar style would also suit their company. Click here for BPB Accountants logo design.

Their office door is a light blue which inspired one of the colours for the logo along with the peach colour. We felt these colours represented a friendly and approachable solicitors company for clients. We completed a complete rebrand of O’Flaherty & Brown Solicitors, which included logo design, business cards and stationary elements for their business.

Our logo design is flexible and allows for future possibility of signage in the offices and other graphic’s opportunities. If you require any logo or stationary design please contact us on 059 9133633 or email anne@akgraphics.ie.

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