Logo Design for NavyOak

NavyOak provides digital marketing solutions for the agribusiness sector. The company focuses on encouraging agribusinesses to expand their marketing into the digital world. The logo design takes this concept and represents it with a traditional oak leaf transforming into a digital oak leaf.



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At AKGraphics we understand how important it is for your business to convey a professional and credible brand. We believe business cards provide an opportunity to give face to your company and create a positive first impression to any prospective customers.

Producing a business card can enhance a brands credibility and provides an opportunity for mass networking, thus developing a human connection between you and your client. Business cards are often a customer’s first impression of a company; therefore it is essential to create an eye-catching professional print that represents you correctly.

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With NavyOak we felt that a two-colour business card would be most effective so the viewer is focused solely on the branding and is not distracted by an array of colour. The navy background allows the white and orange branding to pop off the card and immediately catch the viewer’s attention. Traditionally business cards tend to be landscape, however we wanted something a little different for Navy Oak so we opted for a portrait style to add a unique element, thus standing out from their competitors. Optimising our space we kept the contact information at the back of the card, allowing the creative branding at the front to be the main focus. We also placed the tagline on the front directly under the branding. Having a catchy tagline can be memorable for a customer and also create a brief explanation of the business. The printed business cards were given a unique “soft touch” finish, which creates a tactile feel. If you require creative visual communications for your logo design please call Anne on 059 9133633 or email anne@akgraphics.ie

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