Logo Design for Mount Brandon

The Request

The business model for Mount Brandon Cottages was changing. No longer would it just be self catering cottages; now they were including a new pottery studio and school. As such, they needed AKGraphics to design a new logo for Mount Brandon Cottages & Pottery School.
Sometimes the requests are short and sweet.

The Result

Any new logo needed to reflect the new (and expanded) business model. As you can see from the logo we developed, the shapes of the three pottery items overlap and the intersecting area creates the shape of one of the holiday homes. This logo works very well for both web and print applications.

If you happen to visit or just pass the picturesque Mount Brandon Cottages & Pottery School, located in the stunning Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, you will see the logo proudly displayed on their signage at the entrance to their holiday homes. Upon meeting Andrea & Carmen in Mount Brandon for the first time you can fully understand why people are returning to this great location in Co. Kilkenny.

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