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Branding and identity design for Mimosa Bar de Tapas

Mimosa is a contemporary wine and tapas bar in the centre of Carlow. The look and feel of the Tapas bar is very different, the restaurant décor is unusual and adds to the very welcoming feel in the restaurant. Mimosa is full of nooks and crannies with beautiful decoration everywhere you look.

Logo design

Mimosa contacted us here at AKGraphics to create a new logo which would work with the style they have created in their restaurant. This new logo design would be applied to the menu design and signage design with the possibility of further branded items in the future.

restaurant menu design unusual

For the logo design, we took inspiration from Spain. We looked into rustic Spanish tiles and murals. The final identity consists of custom text and icon logo. The icon works as an element by itself and also with the customised serif typeface. The logo design has a stamp effect which looks almost faded on one side, we felt this worked very well and fit the Mimosa style.

restaurant menu design unusual

Mimosa wanted their identity to be flexibility in terms of colour, this is a nice change as many brands need to be very rigid with their colour pallet. We prepared a selection of different colours that all work well together to create an interesting look. This fluid approach to colour ensures the Mimosa identity reflects the eclectic atmosphere of the restaurant.

restaurant menu design unusual

Once the logo design was finalised we turned our attention to the menu design. Mimosa focus on delivering fresh and delicious food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As Mimosa use seasonal ingredients their menu changes on a regular basis, in fact Mimosa update the menu so regularly they would be printing it in house. We began to think of how best to design a menu that would need to be printed and ready to use in a very short time. We discussed with the client many different ways to present a menu that would keep their work minimal but would have maximum impact on the customer. Consultations with our clients are very important during the design process to ensure that our ideas will work for the client from a practical point of view. The finished menu design was supplied to Mimosa in a template that they can edit themselves using fonts and design elements that tie in with their new logo design.

We designed a new business card that Mimosa would give to customers when presenting the bill. Featuring a glossy spot uv that highlights the logo the business card is classy without being corporate. When applying a new identity to your business it’s important to ensure that the small details are not overlooked – such as the till receipts which we also supplied files for, for correct printing.

restaurant business card design unusual

restaurant business card design unusual

restaurant gift voucher design unusual

As an extremely popular restaurant Mimosa sell many gift vouchers. We designed a tall voucher with a matching envelope that has a specific area for attaching the value of the voucher. The bespoke gift voucher design reinforces the consistent branding across Mimosa printed material.

restaurant gift voucher design unusual

We have also put together some elements Mimosa may choose to brand in the future. Many options are available to them in terms of branded material they could use. As you can see the logo works in different colours and on a variety of products. It is a very versatile identity and overall fits with the Mimosa look.

Exterior Banner design for Restaurant

restaurant signage design Carlow

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