Label Design for The Irishman 350ml Bottle

Whiskey Bottle Label Design

AKGraphics designed the label for The Irishman 70 350ml bottle. The challenge in this design project was to ensure the the smaller sized whiskey bottle and smaller than usual label retained the luxury feel of the full sized bottle. Clever design was needed in this project to ensure that all of the content that is required by law was included. We used gold foil in the label design to highlight certain elements. This is a premium element that really raises the final look of the printed label. AKGraphics also adapted the shape of the label to suit the bottle. Custom shaped labels can be very effective and really help your product stand out against your competitors. As you can see on this label we have used scalloped edges and integrated the shape of a wax seal into the custom designed shape. The same design elements are used in the full size whiskey labels so it was important to incorporated these to ensure a coherent look was achieved. Overall the printed label design results in a bottle that looks luxurious and enticing and will appeal to the export market in Sweden. As mentioned on their Facebook page Walsh Whiskey Distillery is a rapidly growing company. “The past year has been the most exciting year in the Irish Whiskey business both in terms of the growth of “The Irishman” Brands and the acquisition of two major Irish Whiskey brands… not to mention the plethora of new Irish Whiskey releases. We have evolved from a domestically focused company 5 years ago with only 30% accounted by exports, to a situation today where 90% of our business is now export driven. We are now sold in over 30 countries covering 5 continents and we continue to look for strong distribution partners globally. Winner of The Irish Exporters Association “Exporter of the Year” Award (Emerging Markets) in 2011, 2013 is set to be an exciting year for all of us here at The Irishman as well as Irish Whiskey as a whole.”



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