Kilkenny GAA Logo Design







The Request

Kilkenny GAA wanted a corporate logo that would symbolise the nature of the GAA, not just to its loyal following within Kilkenny, but nationally and internationally, too. This logo would be worn on all the players’ jerseys and become part of all official Kilkenny GAA merchandise. It was to be copyrighted to protect the GAA’s property rights and so required the professional services of a design agency.

The Result

The logo was the result of initial intense research and drafting stages. The existing county colours had to be incorporated and a large committee had to give final approval to any ideas offered.

The two figures within the logo are formed from the two ‘K’s (the name Kilkenny is often abbreviated to KK), reaching for the sliotar, as in a game of hurling. A second ball at their feet symbolises the other GAA games played in the county (albeit to a lesser extent). A new shape, which was a step away from the usual and pre-existing shield, gave this logo a sharp, modern feel. AKGraphics graphic design company also incorporated the Irish text in the logo design as the GAA has long been steeped within the history of Ireland and its unique language.

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