Design of Infographics for Goboof Quick Start Guide

The Request

Having created an effective, quirky packaging solution for Goboof, AKGraphics was asked to apply similar thinking when creating an informative yet friendly User Manual / Quick Start Guide. This would visually describe how to use, clean and follow the safety instructions for the Goboof Alfa.

The Result

We established an illustration style that portrayed the step by step user instructions clearly. Relevant illustrations were then created for each step so that the images were as clear, informative and easy to decipher at a glance as the written text. We worked with the client to pare down this text so that each point was as straightforward as possible, keeping the Goboof user manual more visually pleasing than text heavy, with info graphics used to help guide the user journey.

A double sided concertina fold booklet was designed to fit exactly into the box of the Goboof Alfa, as well as working as a downloadable PDF. AKGraphics’ connection to translation services was also availed of for this project, translating the finished user manual into French, Spanish and German.



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