Infographic design for the banking sector

Close up inforgraphics for Transfermate
Infographics act as a visual representation of your content, creating a more enticing visual for your intended target market. They can be used in many ways, from blog content, reports and brochures to presentations, pitches and on social media.
As part of our design work for Transfer one of the design goals was to simplify the explanation of TransferMate service offerings through the use of professional and informative Infographic design. Creative Infographics were used throughout the TransferMate brochure design to highlight key facts and figures. These unique info-graphics were designed by AKGraphics with the intention of using them in future powerpoint presentations and web graphics for TransferMate.
TransferMate is a smart international B2B payments technology solution online which improves your cross-border business payments, saving time and money. They provide a service for businesses and banks to securely make and receive business payments internationally, faster and easier integrated payments for both the biller and the payer. Working with 117 currencies in 145 counties worldwide with 9 offices globally, with thousands of clients booking millions of dollars in money transfers every day. TransferMate has built one of the financial industry’s most extensive network of payment licenses, and partners with banks, fin tech and software providers.

If you wish to create a more engaging piece of designed content by integrating infographics please contact Anne on 059 9133633 or email
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