Icons and Website Design for Carlow County Council

Carlow County Council play a vital role in providing key services for a better and enhanced quality of life for the people living in county Carlow. In fulfilling this role, Carlow County Council needed a new responsive website that would be easy to use for a variety of people across a wide age range.

The design had to take into account users that may have disabilities, factors such as ensuring that there is enough colour contrast between the website’s written information and its background were important for visual impaired users. We also had to ensure that our design helped the users to navigate the website easily. Due to the large and varied amount of information that had to be available on the website it was essential that the design was clear, allowing users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

The final website is easy to use but also looks attractive and interesting, this was achieved through the use of large visuals and custom icons designed and created by AKGraphics. Icons are a very effective way of communicating a message quickly, the custom icons used in the website design clearly define each section which was important. You can visit the finished website, view their bespoke icon graphics and infographics here.

Once the main County Council website was completed the decision was made to also update the Carlow County Library website. By using the same design as the County Council website, and making changes only to colours / icons and imagery the update of the library website was very cost effective. By updating the library website, users have the same navigation format and style as the County Council website and this makes both websites far easier to use. Custom icons were designed specifically for the library website to ensure a user friendly experience. http://www.carlowlibraries.ie

It should also be noted that both websites also work very well on mobile platforms which is important as more and more people view websites on their phones instead of on their computers.

Website Design and Icons for Carlow County Council

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