High-end Brochure Design

When your brochure is designed professionally then people will walk away with with a great lasting impression of your business. AKGraphics were approached to design a one-of-kind luxury brochure to showcase a range of natural stone products. The product brochure showed the full range of monumental products in natural stone that Keystone Supplies offer. The challenge for the AKGraphics design team was to develop a luxury brochure design that was sensitive to the viewers of the brochure. The purpose of the brochure is to help customers choose the right memorial in honour of the person they commemorate. A suite of warm colours were selected, these colours used alongside professional photography appealed to the target market and also created a modern look overall. By printing on a silk paper stock inside the brochure the beautiful colours of the stone were very vibrant. An uncoated textured stock was selected for the cover of the premium brochure design to emphasise the quality of the stone memorial products. AKGraphics managed every stage of the creative process during the production of these brochure from working with a professional photographer right up to paper selection and print finishing decisions. The completed brochure design had a huge impact and received very positive feedback from clients of Keystone Supplies.


brochure_graphic_design_Keystone_AKGraphics_4 brochure_graphic_design_Keystone_AKGraphics_3 brochure_graphic_design_Keystone_AKGraphics_1 High-end Brochure Design for Natural Stone Products

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