Goboof Packaging

Minimalist modern packaging using a custom-shaped box

From the evolution of Goboof, AKGraphics has seen Goboof’s Alpha go from strength to strength. The Alpha is an Irish portable vaporiser with smart puff technology. Its compact size makes for super easy vaporisation. The packaging design concept for Goboof, therefore had to be compact and light, while standing out from its competitors and offering an eye-catching display on the retail shelf.

Such a desireable consumer product required elegant, minimalist packaging to match the Goboof strap line: Live life and vaporise.

We have years of experience in packaging design, which enabled us to recommend packaging solutions that both met the client’s requirements and saved on packaging costs. AKGraphics designed the box so that it could be printed in just one colour without compromising the overall design impact. The costs of one colour printing are considerably lower than producing a box in full colour.

Another interesting detail in this project is that the packaging was assembled using no glue – increasing the cost savings. We worked closely with the printer to create a custom-shaped box that would hold the product, a quick-start guide and charger. It required some ingenuity and it was an intriguing packaging project to work on.

custom-shaped box

Packaging insert design Dublin AKGraphics

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