GlanbiaAgri Flyer to promote website & competition

The Request

Glanbia required a double sided A4 flyer to promote their website and online veterinary store. The company approached AKGraphics to assist them in designing a friendly, approachable and less corporately oriented handout for their customers. This flyer would also include details of a competition.

The Result

Using the colours from the Glanbia logo and bright agricultural photographs, AKGraphics designed an eye-catching and straightforward flyer that focused on the benefits of Glanbia’s veterinary store service and promoted visiting the website. On the front of the flyer, benefits were highlighted in short, quick and easy to read bullet points. An attractive promotional section advertising a prize draw mechanism to encourage Glanbia Agri’s customers to complete the simple (and perforated) form on the reverse of the flyer. By using a competition to encourage readers to provide you with their details you can build up a good data base of potential clients.
The flyer was printed on uncoated paper giving it a more exclusive feel.

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