Glanbia Grass Roots Seed Brochure

The Request

Glanbia Agribusiness requested AKGraphics to redesign the Mastercrop Grass and Roots Seed A5 Brochure.

The Result

Mastercrop Seeds, backed by Glanbia, has been involved in the production of certified seed grain for over 30 years, and this detailed A5 brochure covers the widest range of grass and seed mixtures in Ireland.

When AKGraphics began working on this brochure, on behalf of Glanbia Agribusiness, the key factors for consideration were strong visuals and condensing the text content. Working alongside the Glanbia Marketing Manager we were able to meet these requirements to produce a professional brochure that appeals to its target market.

AKGraphics were delighted to work on the updated 2015 version of this brochure for Glanbia Agribusiness.

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