Gift Box for Writers Tears, Walsh Whiskey Distillery

The Request

Starting in 2012, Walsh Whiskey Distilleries wanted to create a limited edition, wooden gift box for their cask strength 53% whiskey: Writer’s Tears. Every year since, AKGraphics has been working with Walsh Whiskey to update and create unique designs for their packaging solutions.

The Result

With this limited edition gift box, Walsh Whiskey wanted to take a more modern approach, using bright and vibrant colours on the packaging. Each year, the Writer’s Tears gift box colours have been more ambitious and, in 2014, AKGraphics used mustard as the base colour. This was used alongside the repeated pattern of the teardrop in the traditional Writer’s Tears green.

The use of copper foil and the unusual sliding opening of this wooden presentation gift box give Writer’s Tears whiskey a more high-end and modern feel, and definitely helped the product stand out on the shelf. Only a limited number of these special gift boxes are printed each year which, in turn, make them an exclusive collectors item.

These unique whiskey gift boxes make a great gift for all Irish whiskey lovers!

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