GAIN Horse Feeds Packaging

The Request

AKGraphics received a brief to redesign the full packaging range for Gain Horse Feeds. Key considerations with this new packaging design were the detailed product technical data required for each Gain Horse Feeds Bag, the space to overprint each bag and the 12 different languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Arabic and English) to target existing and emerging export markets. Also required was a colour code system that would work across all the ranges within this brand.

The Result

Through our detailed research, all the above considerations were taken into account to develop a new streamlined packaging design for Gain Horse Feeds. The aim was to produce a template that could easily be applied to all of the company’s 22 food bags and would stand out from its competitors in its many international markets, including UK, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Italy and Sweden, as well as the Middle East.

Once the chosen design template was approved, AKGraphics then applied it to the client’s 22 food bags. The very attractive finish we designed had to embraced the 22 bags’ differing technical content, in twelve different languages. Consistency in design structure was crucial.

The Gain Horse Feeds team officially launched the new bags at Alltech’s European headquarters, which coincided with the 100 day countdown to the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014.
AKGraphics was delighted with the results of this packaging design project and we continue to work closely with the ever growing team at Gain Horse Feeds, of Glanbia Plc.


Gain Horse Feeds prides itself in producing consistent, palatable, dust-free feeds of the highest standards. Gain Horse Feed Product Ranges consists of:
– Sport & Leisure Range (Blue Range – Sport 10 Mix, Easy Go Cubes, Cool ‘N’ Easy Mix, Equestrian Cubes, 14% Equine Cooked Mix, Hi-Grade Horse & Pony Cubes, 12% Competition Mix)
– Stud Range (Green Range – Foal Pellets, Stud Cubes, Stud-Care 32 Balancer, Young Stock Mix, Stud Mix, Young Stock Cubes)
– Racing Range  (Red Range – Racehorse Cubes & Racehorse Mix)
– Specilaised Range (Purple Range – Elite 10 Cubes, Freedom Mix, Prep ‘N’ Condition Mix, Sustain-Plus Mix, Cereal Balancer Mix, Opti-Care Balancer, Cereal Balancer Pellets)

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