Eye-catching Office Signage Design

Adrenaline HPL (Human Performance Laboratory) uses the latest in technology and science to provide its clients with a range of health, fitness and performance related services which will rival the best within the UK and Ireland. Adrenaline HPL approached AKGraphics to develop graphics for their new Human Performance Laboratory, offices and gym.
Adrenaline HPL had an established brand and logo so we focused on developing this branding for a range of exterior and interior office signage.
Beginning with the exterior of the building we created several effective exterior signage designs. These eye-catching exterior signs ensure that the location is visible from the approach road and also from the parking area. As Adrenaline HPL share the building with another company it was vital that clients were clear on the location of their office.
Upon arrival to the ground floor clients are greeted with wall signage which indicates the location of Adrenaline HPL lab and gym. Clear direction signage design is very important for assisting your clients to find their way to you easily and confidently. Bold wall graphics were designed to clearly indicate each floor level. These large graphic numbers were applied directly to the wall using custom cut vinyl.
Wall plaques featuring the logos for both companies in the building were designed and applied to the wall on the first floor of the building. These custom designed wall plaques are studded off the wall using silver mounts, this finish provides a clean professional look. Upon entering the first floor reception area clients will see the custom wall graphics which feature the DNA strands from the logo. The feature wall design creates a bold look in the reception area, it also adds colour and interest.
On the main corridor of the Adrenaline HPL office we designed raised signage. This raised signage displays the Adrenaline HPL logo. By using a raised design the branding takes on a high-end professional feel. Raised signage was also applied to the walls in the boardroom. Several other wall graphics were designed and applied to the walls using vinyl. These included the “a” element from the logo and also signage for the gym.
We designed signage for each of the doors on the first floor, these were either applied to timber or glass depending on the door type. Creating effective and clear door signage is important and must be informative while enhancing to office interiors. Frosted vinyl (also know as privacy glass) was applied to the team room using a design for the glass that featured the curves from the DNA strand in the logo.
In addition to the fixed signage we also designed creative pull up banners. These portable pull-up banners can be used in the Adrenaline HPL offices but they can also easily be transported for use during off-site events.
Each and every piece of the signage reflects Adrenaline HPL’s branding. This attention to detail ensures that the overall look is extremely professional while remaining welcoming for clients. Services provided by HPL will include; VO2 analysis, lactate threshold analysis, bio-mechanical and gait analysis, strength and conditioning facilities, high altitude training simulation, along with nutrition, performance and pre-habilitation / re-habilitation services.
If you require signage design as part of your commercial interiors fit-out please do not hesitate in  contacting us. You can call Anne on +353 59 9133633 or email anne@akgraphics.ie.
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