Design of Duckett's Grove Signage

The Request

Duckett’s Grove is a ruined 19th-century great house and former estate in County Carlow, Ireland. In September 2005, Carlow County Council acquired Duckett’s Grove and commenced the restoration of two inter-connecting walled gardens. It was officially opened in September 2007 for use as a public park. A craft shop, workshops and tea rooms were also added. Signage was needed to direct the public around these grounds.

The Result

AKGraphics approached this graphic design project by firstly creating a corporate identity to tie in all the different aspects of Duckett’s Grove, from tourism to retail and craft. The distinctive tower of the ruin was chosen as a visual element of the logo. The new signage design was kept clean and concise, using white text on a blue background, which stood out against the stone walls. The posts and sign shapes were chosen by AKGraphics to reflect the historic setting.

ducketts grove building signage

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