Custom Infographic Design for Annual Report for The Department of Social Protection

Having designed the infographic for the 2014 Annual Report for The Department of Social Protection, AKGraphics were asked to design another A3 infographic that would illustrate the facts and figures associated with the 2015 Annual Report and be included in the published end of year report.

A year’s worth of technical and formal statistics were organised by AKGraphics into logical categories. By using blocks of colour in the infographic design, we made distinctions between each section. However, much of the information within the report was applicable to more than one category, to solve this we designed a path running through the categories to show that there is a link and overlap within the information.

Infographic design for government by AKGraphics


The modern, exciting graphic design style allows the reader to skim over the information and to see at a glance some of the work completed by the Department during 2015.

Infographics are an extremely effective way of presenting complex information in a fun and interesting way. If it is a professionally designed infographic it is possible to included a huge amount of information and retain a fun but organised look. The key to good infographic design is to make the information visually attractive, fun to read and easy to understand.

The infographic has been published by The Department of Social Protection as part of their annual report and is available to download in pdf format from their website here.




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