Custom Book Design & Presentation Box for UCD

The Request

University College Dublin requested AKGraphics to design a bespoke presentation box with a custom book design for the President of UCD – Dr. Hugh Brady (2004-2013). He was the eighth President and Chief Officer of University College Dublin.

The Result

Detailed information regarding the working role and life of Dr. Hugh Brady as UCD President was accumulated. Using this photographic and text content the project was to create a unique custom book design and presentation box which would cover Dr. Brady’s time as President.

As this was to be a very memorable gift for the President, AKGraphics researched how the book design and presentation box could be finished, in terms of actual size and the materials used. This then had to be balanced against the deadlines for design, printing, and hand-binding to the finished box material.

Once the chosen visual content was condensed, AKGraphics then began to design the elements which would visually portray Dr. Hugh Brady’s memorable UCD life. We were delighted to work alongside UCD’s internal communications manager on this custom book design, which outlined the President’s high achievements in UCD from 2004-2013. The finished result is one that AKGraphics is very proud of and it was a privilege to work on this design project with UCD

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