Custom Animation

A promotional video is a great way to get your message to your target market

AKGraphics can create and animate custom illustrations. For this particular video project Walsh Whiskey Distillery wanted to show the journey of their distillery equipment of three pot stills from Scotland to Ireland (County Carlow). To begin, we decided on the style for the animation. The custom illustrations that we created had an “old-world” style. This design style matched much of the other promotional material that Walsh Whiskey Distillery use. After AKGraphics had designed custom illustrations we then animated these. The custom animated video showed the equipment moving along its path from Scotland to Royal Oak, County Carlow, Ireland.

By commissioning a short animated video you can showcase your event in an interesting and visual way. The animated video created by AKGraphics was sent to our client and they used this in a combined promotional video which explained the process of the building of the new distillery for Walsh Whiskey. A customised animated promotional video is a great way to get your message to your target market. It creates interest in your product and company and enhances your brand. This promotional video, which contained our animated illustration, was distributed by Walsh Whiskey Distillery on their Social Media sites and also on their YouTube account to ensure that it reached a wide audience.

The arrival of new pot stills was even mentioned by Steve Rush on The Whisky Business here ….
Walsh Whiskey Distillery a step closer to production with the arrival of new pot stills
Walsh Whiskey Distillery in Royal Oak, Co. Carlow – Ireland, has announced that it has taken a big step closer to being commissioned next January, with the arrival of almost 30 tonnes of copper and steel whiskey distilling equipment.
The shipment which travelled 650 miles by road and sea from Scotland, included the three giant copper pot stills and column stills, which alone weigh between four and five tonnes each and scale up to 6.5 metres in height.

Below is our custom animation


Below is the full promotional video which contains our custom animation




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