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UCD Human Resources Delivery 2016 Infographic Design
Following the Strategy Document Report design for UCD AKGraphics created a visual info graphic and informative design for the 2016 Delivery for the UCD Human Resources Department. This infographic was designed in A2 poster format. The year summary infographics poster was printed in a very small print quantity and distributed to the key people within the UCD Human Resources Department. This visual graphic representation of the year was also uploaded to the UCD website in order to reach a wider audience. Key to this design of this infographic was condensing the content to portray the many deliveries and values of the Human Resources department over one year. The custom infographic design demonstrate all the key initiatives and key outcomes of each of the key four strands within the UCD HR Department in relation to their vision and values. AKGraphics role in this info-graphic design was too make sure we created a strong design to entice the audience to engage in the information depicted. Compelling info-graphic design, with eye-catching and also easy to digest visuals makes for a great overall infographic style poster. We are experts in using insightful graphics to share your company’s story or even explain a complex business process. AKGraphics are on hand to assist you just give us a call or email us and we would be delighted to assist you. Remember good info graphics can be used on a presentation or a report, online or in print format therefore they have multiple uses.

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