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As part of their extensive nutrition services on offer Glanbia Agribusiness can now provide a Soil Fertility Programme to help integrate soil science and grassland production with animal nutrition. Using the very latest information and technology on hand Glanbia Agribusiness can provide accurate recommendations based on soil analysis results.
Supporting marketing material for the Soil Fertility Programme included a printed folder designed by AKGraphics. This folder was used to present a number of leaflets and had a folded flap to keep all content neatly in place. The folder design is vibrant, bright and eye-catching. Using bold graphic shapes highlights the scientific elements that are part of the programme. Information on the programme is presented in a way that encourages engagement with its customers. We designed custom info-graphics to use in the folder design to highlight important facts and figures. The Soil Fertility Programme is quite technical but the interesting creative folder design ensures that readers attention is maintained.
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