Codd Mushrooms Brochure Design

The Request

Codd Mushrooms, Co. Carlow, approached AKGraphics to design a brochure that would promote the full range of Codd Mushrooms’ products and services. The design brief was to make sure that Codd’s intended target market would be fully aware of all the different types of mushroom packs available, their state-of-the-art premises, the environmental trail/policy, distribution, etc.

The Result

The first step for AKGraphics graphic design agency was to employ a commercial photographer to shoot new and relevant photography. We also needed to put a face to the team at Codd Mushrooms, as well as showing the impressive facilities to highlight the mushroom production process, from start to finish, and the distribution process.

Once the photography was completed we began designing the brochure to demonstrate all of the above. Text content was brief and to the point as the photographs got the message across instantly. The size of the completed brochure was square which we felt helped to make it stand out on a desk.

Since completing this brochure we have used the same design template for other requirements, e.g. PowerPoint presentations for trade shows and pitches to prospective new clients. This shows that once you have a good design/layout for your brochure it can be followed through into other requirements/promotional materials as it does not date.

6199-codd-mushroom-brochure_mockup01 6199-codd-mushroom-brochure_mockup02 6199-codd-mushroom-brochure_mockup03 6199-codd-mushroom-brochure_mockup04 6199-codd-mushroom-brochure_mockup05

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