Brochure Design for Merlyn Showering

A spread from Merlyn Showerwall Collection Brochure

Merlyn Showering is one of the most successful providers of shower doors, shower enclosures and bathroom accessories in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe. Having worked with Merlyn previously they approached AKGraphics to design another promotional brochure, this time advertising their unique and innovative Merlyn Showerwall Collection. AKGraphics saw this as an opportunity for Merlyn to show off all their luxurious showerwalls using a sleek brochure design that represented their company branding. We have years of experience successfully transforming thoughts and words into visuals that communicate a brand’s ethos. 

The front cover of the Showerwall Collection Brochure from Merlyn
There are a range of different sizes and finishes that are considered when designing a brochure or catalogue, in this case we selected a square shape as this serves to distinguish it amongst other more standard shaped brochures. Allowing for variety when designing a brochure will help your brochure to stand out against competitors.

This high-end catalogue design successfully acted as an informative promotional piece for prospective customers. The custom illustrations that we created allowed readers to visually engage and envision how they could apply the showerwall units in their own homes.
A closer look at a spread from the Merlyn Showerwall Collection Brochure
A double page spread from the Merlyn Showerwall Collection Brochure
Mirroring Merlyn’s elegant and sophisticated products, we suggested a gloss finish on the brochure cover as we felt it added a luxurious element to the product. The finished piece shows off all Meryln have to offer in relation to Showerwalls in a professional promotional brochure.
This brochure design demonstrates that simple beautiful clean lines of design can showcase high-end luxury products in the best way. The use of ultimate beautiful photography allows the reader to imagine themselves transforming their bathroom into a luxury escape. That’s what AKGraphics brochure design is all about, creating a feeling through design that will entice your customers to make a purchase.
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