Aut Even Hospital Kilkenny Newspaper Advert

The Request

Aut Even Hospital, Kilkenny, approached AKGraphics to uniform and design a structure and layout for the Aut Even Hospital brand identity. This was to simplify how Aut Even Hospital private healthcare promoted itself both in print and online. The new design had to incorporate their tag line and a new ‘100 years’ logo, while also distinguishing and combining the main logo colours with the twelve different department brand colours and icons. We were also asked to design promotional double-sided postcards for the different medical departments within Aut Even Hospital.

The Result

AKGraphics designed all of the above intricate elements and the results you see speak for themselves. Upon completion, detailed brand guidelines (in PDF form) were created to assist the Aut Even Communications department.

As a follow-on to this project, AKGraphics was asked to design and print the conference brochure, pop up banner, advertising, etc., for the 2nd Annual Aut Even Opthmology Conference, being held in Kilkenny. This conference saw the highly successful introduction of the new Aut Even brand structure to its intended market.

This detailed brand restructure, along with the PDF guidelines, provides core guidance for the hospital’s Communications department. The intended target market is also becoming more familiar with this private hospital and its work. Here, in AKGraphics, we’re looking forward to working alongside Aut Even Hospital in the future..

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