Advertising Campaign Design for Aut Even Hospital

Advertising Campaign Design for Aut Even Hospital

Aut Even Hospital approached us recently to design graphics for a new campaign called “Meet Our Consultants”. The aim of the campaign was to allow Aut Even to present each Consultant to patients and potential patients on their website and through advertisement. Each Consultant is also represented within a department focus, for example all Orthopaedic Consultants will appear together via digital ads, radio ads, and press ads.

The new design needed to have a modern feel. Aut Even wanted to use the department colours for each marketing item to distinguish and identify with department the consultant is part of within the hospital. A new fresh and crisp design was request . d that would be easily adaptable for all departments.

coffee cup mockup for meet our consultant

Gif for meet our consultant



For the logo we provided the client with various options integrated with their own imagery. The tagline quickly developed from “Meet the Consultant” to “Meet our Consultants”. We felt it allowed for a more personal feel for patients.

The look and feel of the campaign is clean and sleek as requested. It has also a very friendly and approachable look. To demonstrate how the stamp would work across the campaign we designed a header for the website, a motion graphic for use on all social media channels, a consultant postcard and a half page newspaper advert. These items are used as a basis for the roll out of the campaign which will happen over the next few months.

Aut Even Hospital are a fantastic client to work with, as we have built a strong working relationship there is a large amount of trust which allows us to design creative and impactive material.


postcard mockups for Meet our Consultant
“We have been working with AKGraphics for over three years. They have helped to develop our brand identity and portfolio into a modern, unique and organised communications toolkit. The relationship is a very easy one to manage and sustain because AKGraphics, and Eimear in particular, has a strong appreciation of what our brand is trying to deliver. AKGraphics are innovative and considered, responsive and creative and are always on hand to help us develop designs that work for a mix of audiences and stakeholders.”
Debbie Woodcock, Marketing & Communications Manager, Aut Even Hospital, Kilkenny

New campaigns for a company can completely refresh their look, attract potential customers, and boost business. It is important to keep your designs current and interesting to encourage sales. If you are interested in a campaign for your business please contact Anne on +353 59 9133633 or email


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