3D Digital Mockup for Hydro Monitrix Packaging

Tellab needed to present their new range of products, called hydro monitrix, a product for the portable testing of water. The date of their presentation was too close to allow for physical boxes to be manufactured. This was a problem, as Tellab needed flyers and other promotional material for the event that they were attending.

In order to meet the extremely tight deadline AKGraphics made the decision to create a digital 3D mockup of the hydro monitrix product range instead of producing physical boxes. Once the design for the packaging was completed and approved by the client we then produced photorealistic mockups of each box. These images were then used in the design of the promotional flyers, which were printed in time for the event.
AKGraphics then designed an iPad presentation so Tellab could show the potential target market how their product would look. This solution allowed Tellab to make a professional presentation without the delay, which waiting for physical prototypes would have caused.

AKGraphics can produce mock-ups for a variety of packaging including shaped bottles, cans, boxes and bags. This stage of the packaging design process has many benefits. We know that very few people visualise an idea the same way or have the ability to understand a flat 2D design that will be folded and assembled to make a 3D packaging solution. A digital 3D mockup is a great way to help everyone understand how the design will look before it is put into manufacturing. Sometimes in a project, time or budget does not allow for manufacturing a physical prototype of your product packaging, as was the case with Tellab. An alternative to physical prototyping is a digital 3D mockup. We can create 3D mockups of your new packaging design for use in presentations, in flyers and on your website.

Promotional Flyer created using 3D mock up of packaging

Design for box created by AKGraphics for hydro Monitrix

Design for box created by AKGraphics for hydro Monitrix

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