Food Packaging Design to Increase Sales

The below image shows two icecream tubs. Both tubs contain the same text content, and without tasting the icecream many people would make an assumption that one is more natural and healthier than the other. Why? Because with effective packaging design you have the power to control consumers’ mind (to a certain extent).

Same Product

Same Print Cost

Different Design = Different Perception

Ice-cream packaging design

The practical function of food packaging is to keep the contents safe and fresh until it reaches the consumer but it also serves other hugely important purpose.

By utilising design, you can guide a consumer’s perception of your product to help to increase the likelihood of them making a purchase – that is nice to be able to do.

You know your product inside out but consumers out there may not have tasted your product previously. They have to rely solely on their perception of your product. Before that first taste their perception is their reality. “This looks like a delicious indulgent treat” or “oh that looks tasty and looks healthy” are things we might think before we buy or taste something based solely on the packaging design. In an ideal world, no-one would judge a book by its cover, we would read the information on food packaging and make rational informed decisions. This is not the case and part of being human is our use of multiple senses to process the world around us.

The power of packaging design doesn’t stop there. Food packaging design influences not only buying decisions but the actual perceived taste of the product.

Sounds far-fetched? Read on…

Eating is a multisensory activity. Scientists have proven that what we perceive as taste is actually a combination of taste, smell, sight, sound and touch. Surely as a food producer it makes sense to use this information to your advantage.  One example of this phenomenon was consumers stating that Coca-Cola had changed its formula and tasted less sweet – the only change made by Coca-Cola was to the packaging design. They used white limited-edition cans during a fundraising campaign for polar bears and this change in packaging design influenced peoples’ perception of the taste. Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at Oxford University, has proven time and time again, through practical experiments, that colours and the type of materials used in packaging can influence taste perception.

Maybe you have always known that packaging design is an important part of your product or maybe you thought that design was an expense that couldn’t be justified. Whatever your thoughts were on design previously maybe its importance has increased in your mind now, after all science doesn’t lie.

So, if we have sparked your curiosity what should you do next? Here at AKGraphics we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food and beverage packaging design so we would encourage you to get in touch with us. We are driven by a consuming curiosity about packaging and how we can use our knowledge to give our clients a competitive edge through effective design. We take an innovative and creative approach to packaging design so that your packaging will stand out in an ever-changing retail environment. We design packaging that captures the essence of a brand with the aim of your product becoming a best-selling item and to get consumers to reach out for your product rather than a competitor’s.

Email anne@akgraphics.ieor call us on 059-9133633 and we can discuss some ideas for your packaging.

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We’ve gathered up some inspiration for retail display that will help create impact for your products.

When diving into Retail Display, whether it be a Pop-Up Shop, Free Standing Display Unit, Shelf Space or Floor Graphics, there are many considerations you should make regarding design and the science of visual merchandising. Your sales space has to be efficient and productive as your retail display is effectively your main salesperson and focal point. Often, the more stylish, creative and outlandish your retail display is, the bigger lure you have over potential customers. The end goal is to make your business stand out from your competitors and the best way to achieve this is through strong and effective design.


Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) are the main tools used for Point-of-Sale which are utilised by retailers and marketing teams. Free Standing Display Units are perfect for displaying new products or a promotional offer. FSDU’s are also very effective in enhancing brand awareness among existing customers and new customers. Having a high quality Free Standing Display Unit not only raises your brand profile but also increases product sales. Free Standing Display Units are typically made for temporary use, however, the advantages of creating a bespoke, high quality display unit are far greater. Take Walsh Whiskey Distillery for example. Walsh Whiskey Distillery recently had bespoke Free Standing Display Units created to be displayed as part of their Pop-Up Shop in Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport. The Pop-Up Shop remained on display in Dublin Airport for 2 months as part of a marketing campaign to raise brand awareness and increase product sales. However, after the 2 months passed, instead of discarding the Free Standing Display Units, Walsh Whiskey Distillery were able to reuse the display units in their own whiskey distillery based in Carlow. By Walsh Whiskey Distillery making the decision to make a high end Free Standing Display Unit and Pop-Up Shop, they not only made a lasting impression in Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport during peak season, but they were able to make use of the display units again ultimately maximising their value for money.


Example of how Walsh Whiskey Distillery has high quality bespoke Free Standing Display Units built to display in Terminal 2 of Dublin Airport. Due to the quality of materials used and high end finish they were able to reuse them in their own distillery afterwards. Design by AKGraphics.

High quality retail display unit

Copper piping used on the Walsh Whiskey Distillery Retail Display Units. Design by AKGraphics.



Highlighting Shelf Space is another important aspect to considering when contemplating diving into Retail Display. Making you product stand out from the rest of your competitors can some times be a tricky task, however, by highlighting shelf space and creating a separate section for your products, you not only allow your product to stand out, but it also gives your brand a sense of superiority and prestige. Highlighting Shelf Space makes your brand look special, so special that it has its own section. This effect can be achieved by framing the shelf space with some branding, this would be the simplest solution as you are still using the existing shelves. Another solution to highlight shelf space is to have a box built into the shelf, this allows you create more interesting shelves and generally lets you customise your shelf space more creatively.

Shelf display design

Glenfiddich utilised their shelf space by having a box built into the shelves. This allowed them to create interesting and intricate shelves which enhances the display of their products. Design not by AKGraphics.



Another alternative option for retail display is creating floor graphics, or floor stickers, as some people refer to them as. Displaying your brand as floor graphics opens the door for your business to be very creative and innovative, whilst still maintaining the corporate style. Designs for Floor graphics that are large and very effective as they often cannot be overlooked. Floor graphics can vary in size, from large aisle-long graphics to small and medium sized floor stickers. Because the large floor graphics are often very eye catching, it means the smaller sized floor graphics often have to be more innovative – making the passer by to take notice and remember the message.

Floor graphics for supermarket

Heineken used large floor graphics in this supermarket to promote the release of their new product, “Heineken Light”. The huge, aisle-long graphics are impossible not to miss. Design not by AKGraphics.

Floor sticker design

Fox’s used a small floor graphic, however, by being innovative and creative they were able to get equal impact to a large floor sticker design. Design not by AKGraphics.



Retail Displays are often made out of cardboard, however, a whole range of material can be used and considered as an alternative. Wood, metal, plastic, concrete and glass are just some of the materials that can be used to display your retail space. Often, for temporary display units cardboard is used which is limited in terms of what you can do with it. However, an alternative to this is Re-Board. Re-Board is a rigid paperboard, it is lightweight which makes it perfect for temporary display units, however, it is extremely strong which means it could be used for short and long term retail display units. Re-Board can be printed directly onto which allows you to mimic different material such as wood and metal. Re-Board could be used for both Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) and for Highlighting Shelf Space.

Re-board display unit

Example of Re-Board used to create a tall Free Standing Display Unit (FSDU). Design not by AKGraphics.

re-board texture finish

Example of how textures can be printed on to Re-Board to create a more expensive and exclusive finish. Design not by AKGraphics.



Some Businesses can go over the top with their retail display, however, they often have a big reward. More extravagant retail displays and crafty retail display unit have more of a chance the passer by will take notice, remember and importantly tell others about it. Whether this is from just sheer size or a combination of huge scale, lights, unusual materials, clever marketing and effective design – the result is often the same, increase in product sales.

Retail display

Red Bull went for huge scale and innovative thinking and decided to build their own Formula 1 car out of Re-Board to display their energy drinks. This was both promoting their energy drink product and their car which races regularly in Formula 1.
Design not by AKGraphics.

Hendricks used a mixture of witty marketing and unusual materials to successfully promote their gin in this display unit. A bathtub that dispenses gin caught many customers attention. Design not by AKGraphics.

Hendricks used a mixture of witty marketing and unusual materials to successfully promote their gin in this display unit. A bathtub that dispenses gin caught many customers attention. Design not by AKGraphics.

Hopefully some of the above ideas have grabbed your attention. If you required your own bespoke retail display design you can contact Anne on 059 9133633 or email

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