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Keep cup with logo Ireland

KeepCups are becoming extremely popular in Ireland and rightly so.
Since their launch in June 2009 over eight million KeepCups have been sold, diverting billions of disposable cups from landfill.
KeepCup are a brand of reusable coffee cups that are stylish, fun and colourful.

There are many different colour combinations available from KeepCup but for maximum impact KeepCups can be branded with your company or organisation’s logo. Bespoke KeepCups in Ireland are an impressive promotional item. They can be given to employees or clients and act as a constant marketing tool. In designing your branded KeepCup we will select a range of colours that will reflect your brand. The branded KeepCup will feature your logo but we will also discuss with you the options of including a message that supports your company’s brand. We will provide 3D mock-ups of your branded KeepCup which will allow you to make a decision on the proposed designs.

The minimum order quantity for branded KeepCups in Ireland is 240 units. Branded KeepCups can be given as a corporate gift but could also be sold as a souvenir in a gift shop, coffee shop or tourist attraction. The branded KeepCups are supplied in KeepCup packaging and are ideal for colleges, schools, cafes and businesses.

Contact AKGraphics on +353599133633 or email for more information or to order your branded KeepCups.

Join the reuse revolution!

Branded KeepCup Ireland


  1. Donal
    October 11, 2018 - Reply

    Hi just enquiring about the cost of branding keep cups with a business logo for a large hospital group in Ireland in an effort to support sustainable environments within the hospital setting. Does your company supply the cups or is there a requirement to order them separately from another distributor?

    • AK Graphics
      October 12, 2018

      Hi Donal,
      Thank you for your enquiry. Great to hear that you are interested in KeepCups. We design your branded KeepCups, send you a 3D mock up and once the design is approved we then supply them to you. Stephanie will contact you directly with additional information on Monday. If you would like to send us a contact number to we can call you to discuss your exact requirements.

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