Who We Are

AKGraphics was founded in 1994, by Anne Kelly. Like so many graphic design companies, we were small when we started, but we have been growing ever since. Not that we’ve ever held the desire to be big: by being the size we are right now, our clients know us individually, which makes working together so much more effective. Of course our growth over the past two decades reflects our clients’ growth. Indeed, we like to think that our work has, in some way, helped them to grow. Whatever our size, our overriding belief for every graphic design project we tackle is that good design embraces both creativity and communication. As for our bespoke graphic design work, take a look at our client list and the creative solutions we’ve produced over the years. We are a strong team but, most importantly, we are a carefully selected group of talented individuals, all bringing vital expertise to the company… and to our clients. That’s why we can apply creative and custom-designed solutions to all kinds of projects.

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What We Do

At AKGraphics we are passionate about graphic design. Pure and simple. We are an experienced graphic design company, and put our expertise and inspiration into every high-quality design we create to develop the most effective solutions for your business. We think great graphic design helps people find their way to your door – literally and metaphorically.

In order to do that, we work closely with you to understand your business, your products, your brand and the competitive environment in which you operate. Only then can we produce beautiful bespoke designs that will engage and inspire your audience.

Based in County Carlow, we offer our expert graphic design services to all sizes of companies, from start-ups to multinational brands, all over Ireland, from Dublin to local villages across the South-East of Ireland and further afield, so no job is too small or too big… and even if you think there is, why not get in touch and we can discuss exactly what it is you require.

How We Work

At AKGraphics graphic design studio, we work with you, the client. That’s easy to say, but without an appreciation of who you are, what you do, your history and evolution, your customers and the companies you compete against, how do we get to understand what designs will appeal to your target market? It’s about attention to detail, which also means meeting budgets and timelines. We are creative but that doesn’t mean we’re not professional.

Here at AKGraphics, we’re happy to have you drop by to discuss how your project is progressing. We’ll make coffee, sit down in our meeting room and talk you through what we’re doing. That way you get to see how we work as well as offering your own input into the design process.

We apply the same degree of focus, creativity and strategically-driven thinking to every graphic design project regardless of its scale. Feel free to browse through our portfolio of work to see how we have helped a variety of businesses achieve their design objectives.

Perhaps you want a new look for your business or one of your products. Maybe an existing design has been around for a while and, given all the new marketing channels of recent years, you think prospective customers require a different approach. Or could it be that you just want to grow your business or find something special for that new product or service?

Whichever it is, AKGraphics is here to help. Even if you just want to chat about the options open to you, call us and we’ll happily outline potential steps you can take. It could be a simple leaflet, online marketing or an advertisement; it could be signage or vehicle/fleet graphics; it may even be a whole new corporate identity that will stretch across every product and every service you supply. But whether it’s small or large, we’re the design agency to talk to and we’ll outline every stage of the design process so you can see how our creative processes work.

And once you’ve decided what it is that you want, you can leave the rest to us. After all, for us to create the best and most original designs it is, and always will be, a combination of hard-work, creative know-how and communication.

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